Teaching Resources

Suitable teaching materials for Austrian schools will be developed and designed by MedienABC in the future. Please download here a selection of resources as examples.

-- Teaching Film Narrative including worksheets by filmeducation.org

-- Undertanding Media Genres - worksheets and teacher's notes
Teaching Genre

-- The Media Book by the English & Media Centre
introduces: reading moving images, TV case studies, film narrative, TV culture, documentary and more
TV Advertising and Film

-- Media Literacy Lessons and Activitites introducing the Key Concepts - Hurricane Kartina developed by AMLAwww.amlainfo.org

Hurricane Katrina

-- Representing History by FilmEducation.org
Rethinking History phist

-- Film and Audience by www.filmeducation.org
Film Audience

-- The Western - Teachers Guide by the bfi
The Western

-- Teaching Trailers by filmeducation.org
Teaching Trailers